Guests Gallery

When you stay at the Bear Cabin in Breckenridge, you will find it much more than your average vacation rental!

On September 2012, we started to offer our guests the opportunity to have their memories posted on our website.  Send us your photos of your experience at the Bear Cabin in Breckenridge and we will feature them here in our photo gallery.

Taylor family (Phoenix, AZ) – Skiing, Tubing Hill and relaxing at the Bear Cabin (March 2012).  Thank you for renting your beautiful log home to my family. It was truly a memorable experience, the log cabin was the icing on the cake.  Here are a few photos of our wonderful time at the Bear Cabin.

the bear cabin breckenridge colorado







Palmer/Melendes family reunion (Arizona; Australia; Wisconsin/Texas; Washington & Oregon) – the award winning Emily Melendes performed at the Breckenridge Music Festival Orchestra (August 2012) and also at The Bear Cabin.  The bears at The Bear Cabin enjoyed the sound of the Harp.

Emily lets a young fan try out the harp, his mother looks on.