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The History of the Bear Cabin in Breckenridge Colorado!

History of the Bear Cabin Breckenridge COPaul Guilbault, builder and owner of The Bear Cabin, is proud to be sharing this beautiful log cabin in Breckenridge Colorado.

The creation of The Bear Cabin was a dream of his after he saw pictures and documentaries of Colorado from his hometown in Montreal, Canada.  He was transferred to Atlanta, GA in the Fall of 1995 by his employer and then was transferred to Denver, CO in December 2000.

From Corporate America to Log Home Builder!

Paul made a choice to leave the corporate world to build his dream log cabin on the lot that he had purchased within a couple of months of his arrival in Colorado. After several attempts to hire a general contractor/builder, Paul finally chose to take on the challenge on his own.

A luxury Log Cabin in Breckenridge becomes a vacation rental!

The REAL challenge started when he broke ground in August 2002.  At that time, Paul realized he was taking on a complex project by building a log home. A log home has very different challenges that needed to be addressed versus a conventional home.  The journey of this project has been an amazing experience for him.

Accommodating Guests from all over the World!

His intention was to live in it, although once it was built, he chose to share the creation with others. To date, The Bear Cabin has had guests from all over the world. Paul followed his passion and is now a successful home builder in Colorado.